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Tattoo aftercare all natural aftercare cosmic honey


Before caring for your tattoo, make sure your hands are clean. Powder-Free Nitrile gloves are not necessary but will provided an added benefit of protection. 


-Remove the bandage/wrap that your tattooer applied before you left.


-Wash your tattoo using warm/hot water and a non-scented, anti-bacterial soap. Be sure to wash off all excess soap and bubbles.


-Gently pat tattoo dry using only PAPER TOWELS, this inlcudes after a shower.


-With clean or gloved hand, gently apply a SMALL AMOUNT of ointment to your tattoo. Too much ointment can lead to longer healing times which can result in the loss of pigment. 


-Leave your tattoo uncovered throughout the day, trying to avoid direct contact with clothing or any other surfaces. If this proves itself to be too difficult, you may clean your tattoo, apply ointment, and wrap it using plastic wrap but should also be protected by a layer of clothing. 


-Wrap your tattoo with plastic wrap before going to bed and be sure to unwrap, clean, and reapply ointment once you wake. This should be done until the tattoo begins to peel. 


-Once the peeling phase has begun, you may switch to a moisturizer of your choosing (anything with Vitamin E is a plus) to aid in the growth of your newest layer of skin. 


-Moisturizer should be applied regularly to keep your skin healthy. The healthier your skin is, the better your tattoo will look, longer.


-Avoid ALL direct sunlight exposure to your tattoo while it is healing and be sure to apply a mineral based sunblock anytime your tattoo is exposed to the sun after it has healed. 

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